Lancashire Time Credits

Spice and the Young Foundation are working with Lancashire County Council and Chorley Council to introduce Time Credits to Lancashire. Spice’s Time Credit systems support people to give their time to strengthen communities and to design and deliver better services. We believe that everybody has something to give to make a difference in their community. Time Credits also provides a system for organisations to work together, to exchange their skills and resources.

Time credits are a way of thanking people for the time that they give to their local community. If a person gives 1 hour of time to a community organisation, they earn 1 time credit that can be spent on a range of activities in the local area for example, an adult learning course, a museum visit, a physiotherapy session or a show at the local theatre. Time credits are similar to bank notes but have no monetary value. They have a standard back in all locality areas with the front localised. In Chorley there is a picture of Astley Hall on the front of the note and the Lancashire Rose can be seen faintly in the fore ground. The notes are designed and printed to make imitation or fraud extremely difficult. For more information on how time credits work or who to contact regarding time credits please see: Lancashire Time Credit Guide - Issue 1 2015

You can also visit Lancashire Time Credits on their facebook page at:


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