The Rotary Club - Small Grants

*There is still £600, to give out in £100 lots, to small organisations in Chorley for the small grants programme. The services offered by small community and voluntary organisations, and those just starting out, can often be limited because of lack of basic funds. The Rotary Club of Chorley Astley raises funds each year from a variety of activities and has decided to offer 10 grants of £100 each to small organisations in the voluntary, community and faith sector based in the Chorley area. The Rotary Club is working through the VCFS (Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector) Network to distribute these funds. To be eligible to apply for this small grant an organisation must:

  1. Be a properly constituted group and have officers (if you need support in this area, please contact Kevin Hodges and someone will assist you to become properly constituted)

  2. Have a bank account in the name of the organisation name (cheques will not be made out to individuals)

  3. Have an annual turnover of no more than £10,000 as organisations with more will not be considered eligible for this particular grant; Organisations which were successful before can apply again

Organisations that wish to apply are asked to complete a short, one page application form (attached) which is to be signed by the chairperson or officer of the group and returned to Kevin Hodges of the Rotary Club, address on application form. If there any questions please use the address and telephone number or email address below to communicate with the Rotary Club. Completed application forms to be returned to the address below by 31st January 2016. Kevin Hodges Rotary Club of Chorley Astley Email: Tel: Mobile 07970 654909 To download a application form please click here


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