Carbon monoxide warning from Child Accident Prevention Trust

Suddenly its winter and we’re lighting fires or turning on the central heating. But there’s a risk that what’s keeping the chill off is also emitting a poisonous gas. Carbon monoxide is deadly and any home is at risk.


Carbon monoxide is often called ‘the silent killer’ because you can’t see it, smell it or taste it.

Children are particularly vulnerable to carbon monoxide because their bodies are smaller and not yet fully-developed.

There are also concerns that low level exposure to carbon monoxide can damage a child’s developing brain.

Four steps to safety Fit an audible carbon monoxide alarm in every room with a fuel-burning appliance (e.g a gas boiler, cooker or fire) or an open fire.
  1. Ensure that appliances are properly ventilated.

  2. Ensure that fuel-burning appliances are regularly serviced.

  3. Get to know the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Read our article on carbon monoxide safety to find out more.

Carbon monoxide alarms

To warn us of danger, safety charities recommend that we have an audible carbon monoxide alarm wherever there is a flame-burning appliance or open fire in our homes.

We sell two carbon monoxide alarms in our shop, with prices starting from just £20 including P&P. There’s a donation from each alarm sold to help fund our charity’s work.

Help us spread the word

Can you help us spread the word about carbon monoxide safety? Read and share our article on carbon monoxide safety.

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