Chorley Waste and Recycling Update

Important news about changes to your waste collections.

Chorley Council are going to be making significant changes to your household waste collection. This is due to Lancashire County Council withdrawing the £1million subsidy we receive for recycling and the ongoing reduction in grant from central government. ​Summary of changes

  • Domestic/non-recyclable waste collections (green bin) and plastics, cans and glass (blue bin) will not change.

  • Garden waste collections will be a chargeable, voluntary opt-in scheme from 1 May. Collections will be fortnightly.

  • Paper and cardboard will be collected mixed together from a bigger bin every four weeks from May.

Garden waste collections

  • A charge will be introduced for garden waste collections from 1 May of £30 per year, per bin - this works out at £1.20 per collection.

  • You will have to sign up to receive the new service on or after 1 March – a link will be provided here at the time.

  • Every household signing up to the scheme will receive a new grey 240 litre bin, included in the £30 charge.

  • You will need to sign up by 31 March to ensure you do not miss any collections.

  • If you do not wish to take part you will not receive any garden waste collections from 1 May.

  • You will still be able to take your garden waste to the tip at Lower Burgh or Flensburgh Way​ (you will need to get a free permit if you have a van or a trailer from Lancashire County Council at to do this – you don’t need one if you are using a car) or home compost it.

  • For more information see the FAQ section below.

Paper and cardboard collections

  • From May the current garden waste bin (brown bin) will be used for paper and cardboard instead of the black pod and green box.

  • Paper and card collections from your brown bin will be every four weeks.

  • This offers an improved service based on feedback from residents about the pods and boxes and provides additional capacity for your paper and cardboard.

  • If you live in a property where you don’t currently have a brown bin you will continue to use pods and boxes for now and you will be able to request a brown bin free of charge later in the year. We’d encourage you to request a brown bin for your paper and card as collection will be every four weeks.


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